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Company Transformation

futureSME helps companies reach their long-term goals using the futureSME Transformation process. Proven in hundreds of organisations across the EU, the transformation process will set your organisation on a cycle of improvement, which will have lasting benefits from the managerial, strategic and operational perspectives and which will help you take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace in a systematic way. Visual management is crucial to transformation, helping staff understand your organisation’s priorities so all can contribute to the best of their abilities. 

futureSME Transformation incorporates Lean, but is much more and includes people development, financial management, customer relationship management, R&D management, product development and marketing. Unfortunately, many Lean projects fail because they start to regress as soon as the external intervention ends. The futureSME approach addresses this by helping the organisation to change its culture gradually, so that the continuous improvement cycle becomes a natural activity across the business.

Recognition is important and you can certify your process champions and the organisation itself to the futureSME standard through the University of Strathclyde.

You can now apply for Enterprise Ireland funding for support in implementing the transformation process in your organisation. Check out EI's Productivity pages for more details and contact Denis to arrange a free consultation.