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Tsunami tailors and delivers workshops and other training services only on an in-company basis. From our experience, training is only as good as the use to which it is put. Sending one person to a public course may enthuse and grow the knowledge of that person but, unless there is committment within the company to apply this learning, then it will quickly be lost.

We encourage companies to adopt something akin to the Kirkpatrick model in their approach to training. Kirkpatrick assesses the value of training across four levels:

  • The initial response of the learner to the training event
  • How well the learner picked up the knowledge, skills and attitudes intended
  • How well is the learning applied to the person's job
  • What business results are achieved because of the learning

We provide training and workshops in the following areas:

  • Leadership and change management
  • Lean manufacture and lean office
  • Collaboration
  • Performance measurement and KPIs
  • Environmental management