R&D setup and management
Company Transformation
Learning Technology systems


Lalui Leadership - Dr Lalui's webpage. Visit this to see the specific programmes in leadership and change management which Ardawan offers.  

IBExperts - collaborating partner with Tsunami, specifically in developing and managing projects in the medical and biotechnology sectors across Europe. Led by Dr Racheli Kreisberg.

Evalupyme - Spanish and Latin American licensee for futureSME. Please contact Javier Camacho for implementing the futureSME Transformation process in these locations.

 Lean Enterprise Institute Polska (LEIP) -  Foremost delivery experts in lean within Europe. Dr Remigiusz Horbal has collaborated with Tsunami in several projects. LEIP partners with Tsunami in the delivery of its Lean service to Irish companies.

LEAP - Irish licensee for futureSME and partnering with Tsunami to deliver the futureSME Transformation programme to companies across Ireland. LEAP provides training and consultancy services to companies across Ireland to help them boost productivity and deliver to their potential. LEAP is a key deliverer of the ManagementWorks programme since 2013 and has provided training for several hundred companies across manufacturing and services.