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If you are under pressure to meet environmental regulations or customer requirements, Tsunami can help by evaluating your products or processes in order to uncover areas where you could become more sustainable or environmentally friendly.

Tsunami has offered environmental services for 7 years. You can avail of our expertise in Life Cycle Assessment and carbon footprint calculation to:

  • Analyse products or processes to find the causes of environmental pollution and opportunities for improvement
  • Compare existing products, new products or design concepts from an environmental perspective and select the most benign components and design alternatives
  • Carry out Life-Cycle-Costing of your products to understand the 'cradle to grave' cost profile in order to minimise the total cost of ownership
  • Identify which of your company’s activities have the lowest performance in terms of CO2 emissions and identify reduction opportunities

Examples of areas in which we have carried out LCA and LCC studis include:

  • Composite pallet blocks
  • Wood cleaning
  • Insulation for timber frame houses
  • Recycling of spent poultry litter for thermal and electrical energy
  • Hydrothermal oxidation (HTO) of municipal waste sludges

 If you are an Enterprise Ireland client, you may avail of the supports available under its Green Offer.