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Denis Kearney

Denis, the principle of Tsunami, is an expert in business collaboration between SMEs. He has developed successful consortia for several EU projects in the areas of innovation, collaboration,  environment and quality and has recently secured an 8m€ proposal under the FP7 NMP programme. He previously managed an Enterprise Ireland industry consultancy service based at UL, prior to which he worked in the electronics, textile and metallurgical sectors. He has a B.Eng from UCD, a Masters in Industrial Engineering from NUIG, and diplomas in Business and Strategy Management. Denis is the author of the workbook "Collaborating in Business – Delivering results for small organisations".

Ardawan Lalui

Ardawan has more than 20 years experience as a managing director, R&D director and project manager. He has delivered corporate training for many years to organisations ranging from small enterprises to national institutions. Dr Lalui has designed and delivered innovative programmes on leadership and creativity to manufacturing and other sectors throughout Europe. He has a Ph.D. in Control Engineering from the City University, London.

personWilliam Cahill

Willie is a project manager and expert in productivity improvement (including lean) and supply chain services. He was previously operations manager for NECX, a supply chain services provider. Prior to that, he managed operations in AutoCAD, Apple and Digital Equipment. Willie has industrial engineering degrees from NUIG and has managed major research and engineering projects.

 Aurora Dimache

Aurora is an expert in environmental tools and methodologies with particular emphasis on life cycle analysis (LCA) and life cycle costing (LCC).  LCA helps companies understand the impact of their products or processes on the environment. LCC calculates the life-cycle impact from a financial perspective of making changes to products or processes. Dr Dimache is a part-time lecturer in environmental management systems at the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. Aurora has a Masters degree in engineering and a Bachelors degree in economics.  Her Ph.D. was in the area of products service systems. 

personBryan Kearney

Bryan is Tsunami’s video and multimedia development specialist. He has a B.A in video/television production and has used his skills to create corporate dissemination videos for EU projects, recording and editing of corporate seminars as well as producing videos as learning content. Bryan is a member of the American Society for Training & Development and has completed several of their development programs including rapid e-learning and using social media to enhance learning. He has developed elearning courses in the environmental, leadership and strategic areas.